Friday, March 25, 2005

I'm leaving Taiwan

on Monday. I'll be shipping out, starting over, putting all this behind me. I'll return on Wednesday, of course -- shipping back, picking up where I left off, getting right back in the swing of things.

I'll be spending the interim in Macao. Doesn't it sound terribly exciting to say "I'm off to Macao?" And even more exciting to say "I'll be on assignment in Macao"?

No, it in fact sounds foolish to say you'll be on assignment in Macao -- when in fact you'll gamble and eat Portuguese food and drink alcohol and (very grudgingly) shop and visit historic buildings and fend off prostitutes, like everyone else. Since when do slots and baccarat constitute an "assignment?" My biggest assignment will be getting back with my wallet.

Now, to matters closer at hand. Tomorrow I must shake off my nasty cold and go document the big rally against China's anti-secession law. Scores of other journalists, some of them professional, will also document the rally, but I'm going to give it that special "Dog of the South" touch nonetheless. I'll tell you later where to find the write-up.

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