Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Discriminatory taxi drivers!

This afternoon as I was leaving the Palace Museum, I saw a line of 10 cabs waiting out front and I tried to get in the first one. But the driver wouldn't take me -- he asked me where I was going and waved me off when I told him. Same with the second driver. And the third. Finally a lady driver came up from the rear and escorted me to her vehicle.

Turned out she spoke a good deal of English (something she didn't reveal till she'd tortured me in Mandarin for a while). Eventually I asked her why the other drivers hadn't been willing to take me where I wanted to go. She said it was a secret. I didn't press the point.

But then she volunteered that the other drivers only take Japanese passengers. Hmm, I said, where do they take them? Another secret, she said. And this second secret was one she kept.

I think I can guess what was going on, though somehow I'm hesitant to voice my theory. Still -- getting snubbed by taxi drivers! What an outrage!

Actually, I don't mind a bit. I'll take a lady taxi driver 10 times out of 10. They're always sober and they drive very well.

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Anonymous said...

I never had any trouble driving in Mew York City, but I never was able to discover how to get a taxi driver to choose me for a fare. I guess I appeared to be the out-of-towner that I was.