Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The lamest post a blogger can write

is the one in which he apologizes for not posting more. This is just such a post. But help is on the way!

Rank is about to undergo a major restructuring. Hyatt will very soon vacate Taiwan -- his poisonous influence will no longer taint the pure waters that otherwise flow through this blog. In Hyatt's place we'll see 1 or 2 or even 3 new bloggers, making it possible for the Rank crew to field a skeleton whiffleball team or mount an assassination squad. Suggestions for initial targets are welcome in the comment thread.

The identities of the new blogging candidates must be kept secret until security clearances have been issued. But I'll tell you this much -- one of them is literary, one is goateed, and one is English. Put the three of them together and you've got William Shakespeare.

That part of Rank that remains in Taiwan wishes Hyatt the best of luck in his new endeavor. Be very careful in New York City, my friend. A simple Arkansas boy like you can really get his pocket picked up there.


the j said...

As an avid/rabid reader of this blog, I am most angry regarding the disparaging remarks made by newcomer DogOfTheSouth about Hyatt.

Without Hyatt, I know this blog will wither and die, and if DOTS's comments hadn't angered me so I would stick around to watch you like rats on a sinking ship.

Rank won't be the same without Hyatt.

P.S. They were cops, Hyatt.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that "the j" misread the tone of Dog of the South's remarks about Hyatt. I read it as an example of how friends talk to each other.