Thursday, June 02, 2005

The stink

All big cities get smelly in summer. New York, for instance, may have the highest urine-to-pavement ratio in the world, and the rancid ammonia gets right powerful in July. But at least New York has a fully-functioning sewer system, which allows people who go to the toilet IN the toilet to keep their personal odors to themselves.

Taipei's got its share of street-pissers, but that's not the problem. The problem is that Taipei's sewer system -- which, as I understand it, has been under reconstruction for a dozen years while the city has veeeeerry slowly replaced what the Japanese built in about 1915 -- is still not getting the job done.

You learn over time to feel less disgusted. You realize that much of what you're smelling is just mud-odors released by rain-water runoff. Not human waste per se.

But. There's a stretch of sidewalk on my way to the MRT, directly in front of a glitzy emporium selling high-tech gizmos, that for the last week has just flat-out smelled like feces.

I wouldn't mind it so much except that the stinky stretch falls in my path just after the bakery where I often get my morning nosh. A real appetite-killer, that is.

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Feiren said...

Yes, it is rank there.