Thursday, July 14, 2005


When I wrote about foot problems recently, I mentioned that women aren't as afflicted as men with the various bacterias and mildews that afflict the lower human extremities. But I'm realizing now that women enjoy lots of advantages over men when it comes to surviving the subtropical summer comfortably.

Wardrobe. Men, at least the ones who work in offices, are obligated to walk through the Taipei steam bath in collared shirts and long trousers, whereas women are free to flounce about in their pretty little skirts, some of them so short as to be blush-inducing. The skirts, I mean.

Umbrellas. Probably twenty percent of Taipei's adult female population walks around all summer equipped with parasols -- plain umbrellas, really, but it amounts to the same thing -- which they unfurl every time they have to walk through a sunny patch. They do it to keep their skin as light as possible, not to avoid the heat per se, but I imagine it has the same effect.

Tolerance. Women never seem to mind the heat as much as men do to begin with, probably because they've got less weight to drag around.

In winter, on the other hand, women start to shiver and chatter at the first sign of a cool breeze. But that's a problem for another season, and I don't feel much sympathy about it. The problem right now is the heat. (Here, typhoon! Here, little typhoon! Grow and be strong!)

On another note, Rank's efforts to draft additional bloggers seems to be an abject failure.


Anonymous said...

Encourage them! I was looking forward especially to more from rank beginner.

Can we expect more links?

DogOfTheSouth said...

What kinds of links are you looking for? The kind Hyatt used to post? Maybe I ought to do more of that.