Sunday, July 17, 2005

Thar she blows

Typhoon Haitang is here. At this point the rain is come-and-go, and the wind doesn't amount to much yet, but this looks like a real doozy of a low-pressure system, so we're probably in for a real good soak over the next couple of days.

Typhoons differ from hurricanes in that hurricanes make you fear for your life, and typhoons really don't -- unless you live at the base of a steep hillside, or you're the sort of person who wants to drive his car through water that's two meters high, or you can't resist going outside for long walks while strong gusts of wind are releaving trees of their limbs.

The key in a typhoon is to stock up on food and reading matter then stay in your house till the thing blows over. And of course to enjoy the reduced temperatures.

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