Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bits and pieces

Today's post calls your attention to various odd details buried deep in the Taiwanese news.

This article about a new free-trade agreement between Taiwan and Guatemala is dull as dust. But it's worth slogging through just to learn that the pact allows Taiwanese and Guatemalan airlines to fly on to third countries from one another's airports. All I can say is, the first time you see a Guatemalan airplane in Taiwanese airspace, please e-mail me. Can you picture the trade representatives from the two governments wasting their time hammering this out?

Here is an article about a lotto winner who gave NT$20 million to a charity that cares for "comatose people from low-income families." I just didn't know such a charity existed. [This story is actually from a few weeks ago. Today we learn that another lotto winner has given NT$50 million to charity, but I'm not linking to that story because the guy picked dull charities.]

And from this story we learn that "a leading plastic surgeon and his colleagues in the southern port city of Kaohsiung will offer their services to 100 fathers who wish to have wrinkles and age marks removed to give them a 'new' face." Hey, surgeons -- try offering your services to 100 burn victims. The average dad has the face he deserves.

Finally, this article tells us that "Many readers have often shied away from government publications because of their stilted language and policy propaganda." Well, "shied away" doesn't quite describe the panic in which readers flee these publications. But oh the money they've paid me.

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