Friday, August 19, 2005

Fantastic innovation!

The rules for riding the MRT's escalators are simple: those who want to stand must stay to the right, enabling those who want to climb to move freely on the left. Signs explaining this policy are posted everywhere. Still, there's no shortage of oblivious knuckleheads who stand on the left and hold everyone up.

Well, I notice that at the main station they've come up with a new idea to reinforce the point -- they're painting bright yellow feet on the right side of the escalators! Two bright yellow feet -- clearly in a standing position -- on every other step!

Anyone who doesn't get the point now should have his yo-yo card revoked.


Feiren said...

Patience is a virtue.

That said, I've been riding public transportation here in the States. No one here seems to have any clu that some people might be in a hurry so you shouldn't block the way. It is annoying.

The knuckleheads are mainly people from out of town who are riding for the first time. You can say jie4guo4 and pass them.

DogOfTheSouth said...

People in the States are if anything worse. In the States they'll block your way not out of ignorance but spitel. So I don't mind being abrasive with people in the States. Here, where people are generally so nice, I fell bad saying jie guo to some doddering granny from Tainan County. That's why I appreciate the yellow feet.

DogOfTheSouth said...

I forgot to mention -- in the hot summer weather I haven't even been trying to walk on the left. I've been standing lazily on the right. It's just the principle.