Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Baseball player found dead

"Taiwan's pro baseball league suffered a tragic loss yesterday when the popular Mario Encarnacion of the Macoto Cobras was found dead yesterday morning in his room at the team's housing unit in Danshuei," the Taiwan News tells us.

Encarnacion is said to have suffered badly from gastroenteritis. He'd also tested positive for a banned substance this year, though he'd claimed the positive result was due to his use of cold medicine. A league official asked the press not to speculate about whether his death was caused by steroid use. But a more disturbing possibility is that Encarnacion had gotten in trouble with gangsters.

So far there's no indication that he had. But given the way that news stories in this country flip and flop from one day to the next, with first-day stories often being entirely contradicted by second-day stories, I'm afraid I can't help speculating that tomorrow's news, or the next day's, might be unwelcome.

Blogging Taiwanese baseball in English: now there's a real niche.

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