Thursday, October 06, 2005

In continuance of

my lonely obsession with baseball, I'll just note that Tainan's own Wang Chien-ming is, as I write, pitching for the New York Yankees in their playoff game against the Los Angeles Angels. Through four innings, he's allowed no runs on two hits. Good show so far, Mr. Wang. He's also hit Vladimir Guerrero with a pitch, not necessarily a bad strategy.

I'm a Yankee-hater through and through, but today I must put aside my disgust with all things pinstriped and pull for the Taiwanese kid to do good.


Jason said...

You think you're torn... I'm a Red Sox fan!

Wayne said...

How on Earth are you an isolated baseball fan? Just about everyone I know out here has been following ??? and the Yankees.

Unless by isolated you mean you're getting a bunch of grief from South Africans and Kiwis about "How can it be the World Series if it's only America who is playing?" In that case, tell them you'll stick a rugby ball where the sun don't shine.