Monday, November 07, 2005

Becoming governor of Taiwan Province...

isn't the limit of Lien Chan and James Soong's ambition for themselves in the pan-China that will exist after they've signed away Taiwan. These guys want to be movers and shakers in China itself. Or so this Christian Science Monitor piece indicates:

"[pan-blue politicians'] Chinese interlocutors hinted that Taiwan could one day play an important role in myriad areas, including the future democratization of China, and its modernization. Many KMT officials seem to agree..."

If the Liens and Soongs of the world really did enjoy the idea of participating in China's eventual democratization, then I'd have to give them some credit for that. But in fact, neither man enjoys democracy in any form. What I think these guys really imagine for themselves in the post-handover world is to live amid the adulation that's due a despot's chief bootlickers. Oh, the heroes they'd be in the mother country.

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Rank Beginner said...

How very sad that the visits of Lien and Soong could "create confusion" in the minds of Taiwanese and be a winning combination in the battle for the hearts and minds of Taiwanese voters. It's probably valid, but it's damn dumbfounding (if that's a word).