Thursday, November 10, 2005

News you can use!

I've just realized something about The China Post. And that's a big deal -- so ossified is this paper that the last time I realized anything about it was 15 years ago.

Looking at today's front page, seeing that the number-three headline is, if you can fathom this, "Democrats win in New Jersey, Virginia, California," it's dawned on me that The Post not only wants to live in a one-party KMT state -- that much is obvious -- but it actually thinks it still lives in a one-party state. Don't follow my reasoning?

Well, what I mean is that The Post's news judgement, if you dare to call it that, is that minor US elections constitute the third-most important thing they could possibly inform their readers of today. And this might have been true back when US soldiers made up a big fraction of The Post's readers. But today? Perhaps you could run the French riots number three, instead of the voting in New Jersey and Virginia and California? Just maybe?

No, that's not how The Post looks at the world. As far as those guys are concerned, the US soldiers have never left, no transition to democracy has ever taken place, and James Soong was never photographed rooting around on his belly like a pig in order to kiss the Taiwanese dirt. May the good old days never end!

I know, there's no honor in whipping a dead dog. But sometimes even a dead dog can affront your sensibilities.

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