Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hello there

It's been forever since I've posted here. My fellow Ranksters haven't been setting any posting records either. I strongly suspect that no one is reading this blog any longer -- let's face it, there's been little to read -- though I can't bring myself to look at the site traffic.

One reason that I've written nothing here for a while, as I was telling some of my close associates the other day, is that I've gotten bored with Taiwanese politics. I've been here long enough to see how most of the sound and the fury signifies nothing. So I've mostly tuned out.

But to hell with all that -- I do, despite everything, have something to blog today. It's not a new insight, but it needs to be put in print somewhere -- who told all these Taiwanese people that as soon as the temperature falls below 18C they need to equip their doggies with sweaters? Isn't it clear to all that dogs come equipped with fabulous coats of their own? Why must man's best friend be humiliated in this manner?

That's it for now.


Jason said...
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Jason said...

Ooops. That'll teach me to coment without proofreading.
Ditto for me about being sick of politics. Keep on posting, though, you guys have a great point of view. The miracle of RSS also makes you more visible than ya think!

Best of luck in the new year,


PS: Hell, if you're starved for issues to blog on, I don't think anyone has tackled Lien Chan's frottage-and-stuffed-animals fetish yet. Not that it's a definitive fact that he has one, but Taiwan bloggers still have plenty of windmills to tilt at yet... right?

Rank Beginner said...

Funny you should post about sweaters on doggies. Just this morning, I rued my lack of attention in a related manner.

You know the guy that usually walks his three massive mastiffs (often in the Ximinding area of Taipei?).

He was on his bicycle today and the dogs were wearing what appeared to be his hand-me-down jackets. A sight to behold.

And me with my brand-new camera phone way to slow on the draw. I was thinking it would make a good rank post picture ...

Rank Beginner said...

OK, they're not mastiffs, they're great danes. Sorry for the mix-up. If you've lived in Taipei, you know the menagerie.

Michael Turton said...

Hey! Blog on baby! Iread you whenever I get the chance. Roundups start again next month too, so I am looking forward to some serious snark from your quarter. I'm sick of politics for the moment, at least until the DPP chairmanship race heats up. Fortunately Taiwan still provides plenty of surreal moments, such as A-mei racing in a commandeered ambulance to a concert.


Jason said...

Holy crap! I've seen that guy walking his dogs in 228 Park before... seemed like he was cruising for something there. (Whatever could that be...?)