Tuesday, February 21, 2006

After a very long absence...

...today I blog.

(still without formatting, however)

Last week, within two days, I had two beautiful Taiwan moments.

First, I was walking through back-alley Taipei in the late afternoon and I saw a very old man approaching me. He must have been 80, but he was standing upright and striding energetically -- and he was pushing a carriage with an infant in it. Meanwhile, a couple of scroungy little dogs were trotting down the street. This caused the old man, who was clearly having the time of his life with what must have been his great-grandchild, to exclaim in a voice of wonderment, "Ah! Liang ge xiao gou!" (Oh, two little doggies!)

I would have paid to see that.

The next evening I was standing at an intersection with my wife, waiting for the light to turn. We were feeling lovey-dovey -- nothing inappropriate, mind you -- but
we were clearly a couple of little lovebirds. Along comes a heavy, middle-aged lady on her bicycle, grinning broady and looking at us like we were just the cutest thing in the whole wide world. I'm not sure I've ever made anyone happier (not even my wife).

Nothing about these moments, now that I think about it, was peculiarly Taiwanese. But they were beautiful moments anyway.


David said...

Good to see this blog isn't dead after all!!!

DogOfTheSouth said...

It seems to have staged a miraculous, though perhaps temporary, recovery.