Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Things that appear in my inbox

In my position as "a just gentleman of intact humanity, and one of the most influential persons in the world," I receive a considerable amount of correspondence from PR firms, from the media realations departments at various corporations and government ministries, and from howling lunatics.

Allow me to quote from a piece of e-mail I received this morning:

"Now, you may have a question: How could an ordinary Taiwan people be elected president of Taiwan in the democratic election if most Taiwan people had been mentally transformed; remodeled and suffering from major type Stockholm Syndrome through 3 generations? The answer is composed of 3 fortunate factors:

First: Jiang’s henchmen are corrupt enough to be intolerably stinky."

I'm going to cut it off there, adding only that the excerpt I've provided comes near the end of e-mail that runs nearly 3500 words.



Hyatt said...

Wow. Too bad Rank doesn't have a documents page like TPM so the masochists out here (like me) could read the whole thing.

DogOfTheSouth said...

Well, I don't want to expose the poor guy who wrote it to too much ridicule -- not that I'd use his name anyway. Interestingly, at the tale end of his mammoth epic, he identified himself by name and gave his contact information, but said something to the effect that because of health problems he didn't want to be crushed by a media attack.

I think he'll be safe.

Michael Turton said...

LOL. There are a lot of crazed people out there.