Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Several days ago I wanted to write about the rice bomber, and while it's a subject that deserves attention, it pales in comparison to the tsunami that broke across south-east Asia during the Christmas season. Such a disaster is difficult to comprehend, the pain, the wreckage, the loss of life, with little in the way of an explanation except the movement of the earth's crust.

The numbers are staggering and will continue to grow as the week nears an end. For information on where you could contribute, go here or here. (This second one you will have to scroll down. It's the same list but some people are not registered with the New York Times.) I'm sure CNN has a site with listings as well. Or you can donate here.

Also for Taiwan, some of the charities listed here would gladly accept your help. And yes, I'm sending money as well.

Forumosa has more information on its open forum thread.

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