Thursday, May 19, 2005

James Soong is either out of his tree ...

... or mutiny is spreading within his party. On Monday the PFP said they would no longer cooperate with the DPP, effectively sinking the agreement made between James Soong and President Chen Shui-bian at their February meeting. And on Tuesday, the PFP vowed to stop any legislation proposed by the DPP as I noted yesterday.

Today we find out through the Taipei Times that PFP Legislator Lee Chin-hua (the brother of the PFP's infamous harridan Diane Lee) is leaving the party. Lee says he cannot see how the PFP can cooperate with both the ruling party and KMT. This doesn't come as a shock as Lee, Chou-yi and several other PFP legislators held a press conference on Monday criticizing Soong.

I didn't know anything about that press conference until this afternoon, so at first I thought that one of two things must be brewing. Either Soong had diabolically engineered this week's kerfuffle for political advantage, or he was losing control of the party. Soong must have put the kibosh on the uproar, thus leading to Lee's resignation.

In any case, Soong should get his house in order and consider merging with the KMT. Once the National Assembly ratifies the constitutional reforms, and the legislative elections are held, the PFP will wither and blow away as Taiwan moves toward a two-party system.

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