Monday, October 03, 2005

Et tu, Google?

The China Times is reporting that Google Maps calls Taiwan "Taiwan, Province of China." You can see for yourself by typing 'Taiwan' in the search field at Seems that Google's "Don't be evil" code of conduct excludes the aspirations of the Taiwanese people to remain free.


amida said...

It should be noted that names of actual PRC provinces, such as Sichuan or Hunan, do not come up in Google Maps at all, making this seem all the more to be blatant propaganda. It is disappointing to see such a bias in a source that is supposedly archival.

Rank Beginner said...

Google has found a face-saving way of stripping Taiwan of its provincial status. They haven't actually changed the map, so I imagine the brouhaha will end here without interference from China. An Article on this topic