Monday, November 28, 2005

Watching America

This article came with my Google news search email (keywords: Taiwan and Media).

It turns out the the editor William Kern used to work as an editor at the Taiwan News.

The idea is interesting - to provide articles in translation from around the world to show Americans an unvarnished view of how America is portrayed abroad. According to the article linked above, they only provide articles in translation and not English-language editions of foreign publications. However, I believe the articles from People's Daily are just the English-language versions. I'll keep my eye out for interesting Chinese-language articles they might be interested in publishing ...

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Hyatt said...

It's true, Will Kern did once work as a copy editor for the Taiwan News. He also worked for the Taipei Times, but has since changed his name since he lived in Taiwan. He is known to his friends in Taiwan as Will Mittler. I see Robin and WIll regularly these days.