Friday, February 24, 2006

Curling for Asians
There are 1001 news tidbits that I could be blogging here, but I'm afraid I'm not finding the time.

One story that caught my attention yesterday was an Olympic news feature about curling. The reporter's angle was that this "strange" (mosheng; as in a sport no-one really knows about) sport is attracting a lot of attention in Turin (or Torino) because it's easy to understand.

The reporter ends by noting that there is no optimal body type for curling; therefore it is suitable for Asians. Man, all these years we Canadians have excelled at a sport that we can practice with a beer in hand while sporting a beer gut (for a lower center of gravity, you understand) ... with barely anyone else taking notice as we haul in medals. Now the Asians are going to be coming in with their typical diligence and a will to prove that the beer gut isn't even necessary. That's so cold, man. I need a beer. What the hell - make it a Taiwan Beer.

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