Wednesday, January 17, 2007

曾韋禎的部落格:小歪老師 - 樂多日誌

Transgender Teacher Fired?

[All links point to Chinese-language sites]

Tseng Wei-chen is blogging and TV station ETToday is reporting on Jane, a physically male teacher at Concordia Middle School in Minsyong, Chiayi County who has been taking female hormones for the past 19 years and is now planning to have sex reassignment surgery. Tseng criticizes the conservative Lutheran school for firing Jane and "acting like the spokesman of God with a Pharisee sneer on its face." Tseng, who attended Concordia although he did not have Jane as a teacher, notes that the Taiwanese Presbyterian Church is the only liberal church in Taiwan.

In a story filed earlier today, ETToday reported that the school asked Jane to resign, and when she refused ordered her to dress as a man at school. When reporters tried to cover the story, the school called the cops.

ETToday is now reporting that according to the school, Jane has not been fired and notes that by law any decision to fire a teacher must be made by the school's Faculty Evaluation Committee, not the school administration.

Somewhat salaciously, ETToday mentions that Jane is married and has four children. CTS puts a much more positive spin on the story, saying that Jane's family--including her wife and mother--support her decision.

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