Saturday, November 10, 2007

Poetry Festival - Haiku

In honor of the Taipei Poetry Festival, I offer up these bits of Saturday-morning verse. The first one inspired by a recently popular song that takes syllabic liberties with a paraplui.

Aisan 愛傘

My um-ber-ella
Left at 7-Eleven
Others can use it

Sanzhimao (Three's a Crowd) 三隻貓

One cat on my lap
Two cats hiss menacingly
My peace disrupted


The Taipei Kid said...

religion blowing bad smoke
stop burning papers

Rank Beginner said...

My apologies
It seems burning ghost money
Leads to climate change

cheeseontoast said...

Back from the mountains
Fresh air. Legs tired and yet we
Don't care. Sandy toes.