Saturday, June 21, 2008


This Taiwanese phrase, pronounced cualedan, seems to be being used in Taiwan's mainstream media more often recently. It means 'to tremble while waiting for something bad to happen. Here the pro-Blue China Times uses it in a headline:

親綠財團法人老董 剉咧等

Green Chairmen of Foundations Tremble While Waiting [for Ax to Fall]

Perhaps A-gu will jump in with the correct romanization and characters?


阿牛 said...

台羅 tshuà-leh-tán
白話字 chhoà-leh-tán

Correct characters -- not sure, but I'd probably go with 剉leh等 is probably the best choice. So their choice doesn't seem so bad if you insist on all character orthography.

阿牛 said...

Clarification from a greater expert:

Well, not too sure about the first character, because 剉 is using a metal tool to shave something. But the chhoa in chhoa leh tan means "shaking." You're so sacred about what's gonna come, so you're shaking as you wait.

But no suggested alternative at this point.