Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Long Goodbye ....

Many of Rank's diehard fan's already know why the site has been somewhat lackluster as of late. I'm making preparations to leave Taiwan, and in the course of trying to get things done to cross the Pacific again, I have little time these days to devote to the blog.

I've discussed keeping Rank open, and keeping it centered on Taiwan by trying to mollycoddle or goad a couple of people who are sure to make this blog even more interesting and pertinent than it has been during my tenure.

The idea of talking the blog with me strikes me as counterintuitive. The readers we have come here because they want to keep up with events in Taiwan and read a bit of punditry while they're here. Because I'm still obsessed with the medium, I may very well start up another one when I get settled in the states. And perhaps I'll insist that Rank list it in the blogroll. I'll keep you posted.

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